1. What is Uptodown?

Uptodown is a world's popular APK/App Store, born in in 2002 and headquartered in Malaga, Spain as the Google Play Store alternative app store. Since then, it begins its way to be an international source of legal and miscellaneous software downloads and rank top 180 most visited websites in the global on the basis of Alexa rankings.

Currently, Uptodown serves more than 50 countries and speaks 15 different languages including English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, 中文, 日本語, Русский, 한국어, B Indonesia, مملكة عربية سعودية, Türk, and so on. Over 90 million monthly users from all over the world use Uptodown to get instant access to a huge catalogue of apps for a number of operating systems. It currently processes 200 million downloads per month.

So far, Uptodown has been just second only to Google Play Store for Android devices and to Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad. However, Uptodown is more than an app store for Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, it's a digital distribution service for all kinds of operating system including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Otherwise, Uptodown enjoys its popularity and reputation mainly as an Android APK Store, for over 80% of our traffic comes from Android devices. In fact, it's the most famous, resourceful, and largest distribution platform just behind Google Play Store. In terms of APK, Uptodown currently has a full catalogue with over 30,000 apps. All is delicately-selected and strongly recommended.

This comprehensive, safe and independent platform provides legal, open, and accessible content for users to enjoy a variety of apps and games. You can easily get the most popular apps and games here, for example, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TubeMate, VidMate, and VidPaw. Even if apps are prohibited and unavailable in your region/country, Uptodown helps you to load them on your device.

Uptodown host the whole catalogue of apps in their own servers so as to offer maximum downloading bandwidth and speed. If you worry about the device security, just take it easy. Uptodown partners with VirusTotal in oder to analyze suspicious files and detect types of malware as well as provide a friendly browsing environment for any kind of device.

In addition to the excellent website service that adapts perfectly to any device, Uptodown also made available an official Android app for Android phones and tablets. When you finish installing it on your device, you're able to get exclusive access to the whole catalogue and a bunch of useful tools.


Besides, if you're hesitated to try Uptodown, let me tell you the differences between Google Play Store and Uptodown. Why does Uptodown blows Google Play out of water? Check out Part 6. Google Play VS Uptodown


Uptodown Logo

2. Who is Uptodown Team?

Uptodown Team was born in 2002 with headquarters in Malaga, Spain. Later on, Uptodown was founded by Luis Hernandez and Pepe Dominguez on December 20, 2003 and serves as an international download site for desktop software and mobile apps.

Uptodown Team now has a group of nearly 50 people, all vigorous and enthusiastic. A team of people with all kinds of profession includes editors, web developers, web designers, community and content managers, international coordinators. Together, Uptodown Team is devoting themself to offering the best app distribution service for people from all around the world.

The goal of the Uptodown Team is to unify and complete the Android software distribution ecosystem by providing a versatile and open platform along with complementary content like reviews, screenshots, how-to guides and tutorials. Uptodown Team upholds the highest standards of neutrality so as to ensure that there is no a trace of developer influence to disturb your decision.

3. Features of This Remarkable Platform

Uptodown is an open platform for transparent, legal and versatile software distribution. How does it get to the position of the second largest Android platform behind Google Play Store? Uptodown got its charm. Now, let's find out.

#1 One Platform for All Operating System

Though Uptodown owns over 80% of traffic from Android device, that doesn't make it a pure Android APK Store. In fact, Uptodown provides over 45,000 apps for operating system like Android, iOS, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP PC, macOS, and Ubuntu. What's more, Uptodown recommends some of the best webapps for you. You can always target your desired apps here in the platform.

#2 Free Software and Apps Available Globally

Only free apps are approved to line in Uptodown. Apps will be reviewed before it's released on Uptodown. Any potential purchase is disapproved. Better yet, Uptodown is available in the whole world, as compared to Google Play that is restricted or banned in certain regions and countries. That means that you can download PC software or mobile apps with ease through this platform.

#3 Available As A Native Android App

Uptodown for Android comes available as well. Currently, Uptodown for Android offers a full catalogue with over 30,000 apps in APK format. Better yet, all free. You can easily find some popular apps here like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, VidPaw YouTube Downloader, TubeMate APK, VidMate, and a bunch of Android games. Just click the button below to start downloading Uptodown Android.

#4 Speak 15 Kinds of Different Languages

Uptodown is available on 15 different languages at present and serves over 50 countries. More languages are being supported. Currently, there are English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Hindi. Thanks to its multilingual feature, Uptodown can bring awesome apps to people across the global.

#5 No Virus and Malware

Uptodown has a tight partnership with VirusTotal, a company that fight against virus and malware. Every single installation package will be checked and analyzed over 50 different anti-viruses in order to make sure that this software/application is 100% virus-free.

#6 No User Identification Required

App Store and Google Play Store enforce their users to be a member and keep logging in so that users can download and install apps. However, Uptodown doesn't have such a restriction. Whether or not you registered as an Uptodown member, you can get the full access to all legal, open, and great software and application on Uptodown.

Yet, to be a number, you can receive community notifications and software update notifications as well as subscribe to weekly newsletter.

#7 Banned Apps in Google Play Available

Though Google Play may not be banned in your region and country, some applications does. In such a case, you can always download apps of this kind from Uptodown. Uptodown doesn't restrict your access to any apps. All software and apps are totally open.

#8 Latest Release and Old Version Rollback
The release date of the latest apps may vary from country to country in Google Play Store, however, it stays the same in Uptodown. Uptodown always makes sure that you get the latest release at first.

Besides, Uptodown also allows users to download the installation packages of former versions of apps and downgrade them. This feature is nowhere to see in Google Play Store.
Uptodown Web for PC

4. Uptodown App Store

As I have mentioned above, Uptodown is accessible to operating systems. Therefore, to sort all apps out, apps available in Uptodown are classified into a range of categories and sorted by supported operating system. For a more specific introduction, scroll down and check more.

4.1 Uptodown APK Store for Android

It's not exaggerated at all that Uptodown APK Store for Android is the foundation of Uptodown. The team has officially claimed that over 80% of the traffic comes form Android. After all, Uptodown Android is the second largest distribution platform just behind Google Play.

Uptodown APK Store for Android provides APK files categorized in six general types: Communication, Games, Lifestyle, Multimedia, Productivity, and Tools. Moreover, each category has its own extension.

Communication: Messaging, Social, Utilities
Games: Action/Adventure, Arcade, Card Games, Casual, Emulation, Kids, Other, Platfor, Puzzle, Racing/Sim, RPG, Sports, Strategy
Lifestyle: Design and Fashion, Fitness, Food and Drink, Funny, Gambling, General, Health, IOT, News/Magazines, Religion, Shopping, Travel and Transportation
Multimedia: Audio, Other Tools, Photography, TV/Radio, Video, Video and Audio Downloaders
Productivity: Comics & Books Readers, Education & Languages, Finance, Personal, Schedules and Calendars, Writing & Notes
Tools: Browsing, Download Managers, File Management, General, Keyboards, Launchers, Networks, Peronalization, Root, Security/Performance, Weather

Different from other platforms for other operating systems, Uptodown APK Store has two ways to visit. One is the web way as usual, the other is having Uptodown installed in your Android.

Uptodown for Android

Now, let's take a quick tour to Uptodown Android:


STEP 1. Click the button above to start downloading the package.
STEP 2. Enable Unknown Sources on Android at first. (Settings > Security > Unknown sources)
STEP 3. If you're using an Android browser to download it, you can directly install the APK file.
Or, if you downloaded Uptodown APK on PC, you should transfer the file to your Android and then open it in the device.
STEP 4. Simply finish the installation and open the app.
Optional: You can register for membership for free if you'd like to, or sign in with Facebook/Google+ account.

Install Uptodown on Android

If you click the "≡" button on the left top, a left panel shows up. Here let me introduces some of these features for you.
Sign in/Sign up: Associate your Facebook/Google + account with Uptodown, or sign up with your email.
UPDATES: Shows new updates available for apps in your Android.
INSATLLED: Check out apps that already installed in your device. Click a specific app will show more information.
DOWNLOADS: Display apps that have already downloaded or are being downloaded through Uptodown Android.
ROLLBACK: Downgrade available apps to previous versions.
SETTINGS: Choose a language, Wi-Fi only, Download apps automatically, Notify updates, Receive weekly free app recommendations, Remove downloaded APK, Change download path, Allow animation.
BLOG: Open your default browser and visit Uptodown Blog page.
UPTODOWN: Open your default browser and visit Uptodown on web.

Uptodown Left Panel

Uptodown Android enjoys extremely simplistic user interface and offers the cannot-be-simpler operation for users. I'm sure you can easily handle the app. Still, let me walk your through it in the first place.


① The banner is for the one and only recommendation, followed by categories including The latest, Top downloads, Communication, Games, Lifestyle, Multimedia, Productivity, and Tools.
② Three apps are shown horizontally with a few banners cut in.
③ Search Button is displayed on the lower right.

Uptodown HomePage

① A banner that promotes the app itself.
② Logo, Name, Version, Developer, Rating, Safety Report, and Download button.
③ Screenshots to walk your through the app briefly.
④ The description and introduction of apps.
⑤ Recommended apps.
⑥ User reviews.
⑦ Related articles.

Uptodown App Information

I've done introducing Uptodown APK Store for Android. Though words, you may still be unable to get familiar with Uptodown Android. Thus, why not give it a shot?

4.2 Uptodown App Store for Windows PC

Uptodown is a perfect place for you to download safe and clean apps for PC. Uptodown provides an easy and friendly browsing environment for you to access all kinds of PC apps and PC games.

Simply open your browser, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and then visit https://en.uptodown.com/windows. Uptodown offers you categories of PC software for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

There are 11 categories with specific classifications.
Desktop: Cursors, Desktop Themes, Fonts, General, Icons, Screensavers, Skins, Wallpapers
Business: Accounting, Administration, Business Management, E-Shops, Human Resources, Inventory Stock, Marketing, Presentations, Vertical Market
Development: Blogs, C/C++, Databases, General, Help Edition, Html, Installers, Java, PHP, Video Games
Education: Astronomy, Chemistry, Dictionaries, E-Books, Language, Maths, Test & Exams, Tools, Translators, Typing
Internet: Browsing, Chrome Extensions Plugins, Communication, Chat/IRC Data, Connection, Download Managers, E-Mail, Anti-Spam Clients, FTP, Instant Messaging, Clients Emoticons, Networks, P2P, Social Networks, Web, YouTube
Audio: Audio streaming, Conversion, DJ Mixer, Editors, General, Karaoke, Media Players, Utilities
Video: Capture, Codecs, Converters, DVD, Edition, Media Players, Movies, Subtitles
Personal: Artificial Intelligence, Catalogers, Cooking Software, Funny, General, Health, Lottery, Management, Mobile Phone Tools, Notes/Appointments, Organisers, Religion, Sports
Photo & Design: 3D Modeling, Albums, Animation, CAD, Capture, Conversion, Editors, Effects, General, Optimization, Picture Viewer, Tools, Watermarks
Utilities: Antispyware, Antivirus, Automatization, CD/DVD, Compressors, General, Monitoring, Performance, Printing, Security, Blocking, Encryption, Synchronization, System, Backup, Disc/Files, Text/Documents

After selecting a PC software, you'll be taken to its information page in which you can view screenshots, description, technical information and opinions about the app. Then, if you decide to give it a go, you can click the "Latest version" for more details. You can also download the previous versions if you want.
Uptodown for Windows PC

4.3 Uptodown App Store for iPhone/iPad

As we all know, Apple has made App Store the one and only pre-installed app distribution platform for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Moreover, you're not allowed to directly install the installation packages (iOS supports files with extensions like ipa, pxl, and deb) to your iOS device.

There are 6 categories for all iOS apps: Communication, Games, Multimedia, Productivity, Tools, Wallpapers. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, you cannot install any third-party app store. Uptodown nevertheless provides App Store for iOS, download links will actually be redirected to iTunes App Store.

So, why do you still need Uptodown App Store for iOS? Because Uptodown App Store provides you the most elaborate information about the app along with recommended similar apps. If you're just exploring something new, here is where you should come.

4.4 Uptodown App Store for Mac

Thankfully, Apple doesn't restrict app downloads on Mac exclusively to App Store. Actually, Mac users is able to directly download and install installation package with dmg extension on iMac, Mac, MacBook Air/Pro/mini.

Mac apps are sorted by categories like Business, Desktop, Development, Education, Games, Internet, Multimedia, Personal, Photo edition, and Utilities. The whole page is divided into several parts including Banner, The latest, Top Downloads, Games, Desktop, Business, Internet, Personal, and Education.

Simply select a Mac app and check out its related information like Screenshots, Introduction, Technical Information, User Reviews, and Similar apps. Unlike Uptodown for Android, Mac app store doesn't support to download previous versions of a Mac software.
Uptodown App Store for Mac

4.5 Uptodown App Store for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It's a free and open source operating system and Linux distribution based on Debian. In fact, it's not as popular as Windows and macOS. Still, some people are fond of it. That's why Uptodown App Store for Ubuntu exists.

All Ubuntu apps are classified into 10 categories, here's a quick look for you.
Desktop: Desktop Themes, General, Icons, Wallpapers
Development: Editors, Programming languages, Utilities
Education: Astronomy, General, Geography, Kids Games, Languages, Maths, Sciences, Typing
Games: Action, Arcade, Emulators, Intelligence, Others, Platform, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Internet: Browsing, Firefox Add-ons Plugins, Download Managers, Email, Instant Messaging, Others, P2P, RSS, Social Networks, Web
Multimedia: CD/DVD, Converters, Editors, Media Players, Subtitles, Utilities, Webcam
Photo & Edition: Capture, Editors, Photo managers, Tools, Viewers
Productivity: Accounting, Documents, Management, PDF
Utilities: Accessories, Catalogers, Discs/Files, General, Launchers, Personal, Security, System

The Uptodown App Store for Ubuntu is currently only available on web, which means you should visit https://en.uptodown.com/ubuntu in your browser. When you open it, you can see the whole is separated into parts like Banner, The latest, Top downloads, Games, Desktop, Internet, Education, Utilities, and Multimedia.

Simply as it goes. The whole browsing environment is simplistic and foolproof. Simple select or search for an app you want to download. Then, you can check out more app information like Screenshots, Description, Requirement, Technical Information, Opinions and Questions about the app.

By clicking on the "Latest Version", you'll be redirected to a page that provides you with detailed version information and apps recommended for you. Also, if you want to download apps in previous versions, check them out in Uptodown App Store for Ubuntu.
Uptodown App Store for Ubuntu

4.6 Uptodown Webapps

One of the outstanding features in Uptodown is that it also provides a Webapp Store. You must be bothered with a bunch of installed apps and software. Actually, some excellent apps are available on web, and you don't at all download and install them. Just open a browser and visit a site. How easy is it!

The most awesome and popular webapps are available here. All webapps are sorted into 7 categories and made easy for you to discover, including Communication, Games, Multimedia, Online Storage, Photo & Design, Productivity, and Utilities.

If you don't know what to try, you can pick some from The Latest and Top Visits column. Without installation, you can just visit the site as easy as ABC.
Uptodown App Store for Web Apps

5. Uptodown Blog

Uptodown Blog is somewhere you can meet with some of the best apps in the world. The blog comes out with the most interesting and elaborate introduction to walk you through an awesome app, premium recommendations to give you a chance to encounter the world's best apps and games as well as the latest news and information about apps.

This is a world of apps. Before you randomly pick up an unknown game or app and get regretful. Here's the best app resource blog you should come and visit so that you would not waste your time missing the best apps and games.

The editors of Uptodown Blog insists on offering funny, exquisite, and helpful software reviews, tutorials and guides. As for myself, this is really a place to meet surprising discovery.

6. YouTube Channel: Meet the Best

Uptodown owns its YouTube Channel, offering the best and vivid resources for app and game lovers. Mostly, there are videos introducing some of the best Android games in the year - Onmyoji, Roll Dice, Ouroboros Project, PUBG and so on.

There are playlists including:
● Best of 2018
● TOP Games Android
● Action Games
● Strategy Games
● Puzzle Games
● Sports Games
● Racing Games

7. Google Play VS Uptodown

Some may be confused and puzzled why there should be Uptodown when you already have Google Play Store? Since Google Play Store dominates the whole Android app market, Uptodown is barely an app store alternative to Google Play Store. Therefore, this is not a rare misgiving. Now, let me give an overall answer for you.

#1 Not all Android phone are pre-installed with Google services. This is a proprietary background service and API package for Android devices from Google. However, due to reasons, some Android phone doesn't support Google Services. In such a case, you have to download and install apps through third-party app store like Uptodown.

#2 Google Play Store is not available over the world. Due to regional restrictions, Google Play has been limited or even prohibited in countries like China and North Korea.

#3 Apps are not updated at the same time globally in Google Play. When app developers of a popular app claim that this app is going to have a big change in the next versions, you may find out that the Play Store has released the latest update everywhere except your region/country. This is a delay in updates. If you want to enjoy the update in time, Uptodown will be a better choice.

#4 The latest version sucks and you want to roll back to the previous version. Google Play will never help you with that. However, Uptodown will. You can go back to any pre-versions you want.

#5 Awesome games. Some games may never be allowed to be released on Play Store due to reasons though it's virus-free and playful. Yet, you can come across them in Uptodown.

#6 You simply want to share the APK file to friends.

8. Submit Your App As a Developer

Uptodown pays much attention to user experience while attach great importance to app developers and teams as well. Uptodown accept a variety of apps and software within the catalogue following all legal frameworks.

App developers and teams can send their software and apps to be included on Uptodown taking advantage of all the perks that come with it, like international visibility and greater flexibility when publishing.

Send both new apps as well as later updates through the developers platform. Filling in the greatest number of fields becomes much easier and you'll be more effcient. Uptodown team of editors will review and manually test for each app before it's published.

In the same light, if you've developed an app and found it on our catalogue, there is an option that lets you claim ownership.

9. FAQs About Uptodown

Uptodown tries best to offer the best app distribution service on the world. However, sometimes unexpected glitches occur and you may not know how to deal with such situations. If so, come here for the most frequently asked questions about Uptodown and check out the solutions here.

9.1 Is Uptodown Safe?

Uptodown works hard to improve our anti-virus controls to check our programs are totally free of viruses or inappropriate content at the moment of publishing. Uptodown currently upholds an extremely large collection of apps (more than 200,000). All files are scanned with Virustotal both when it is added and updated. What's more, the editorial team installs and manually tests each application to independently verify that each one works properly.

9.2 Where to Get Uptodown Android?

Uptodown APK Store for Android is available. However, you cannot access it in Google Play Store, but download it from the official site. In order to install the APK file, you should enable Unknown sources via Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

You can directly click the button below to download and install the Uptodown Android in your Android:

9.3 Failed to Download Apps from Uptodown

If you failed to download apps from Uptodown, you may check out whether your network is working well. Most of the time, download failure is caused by network problems. If you're using Uptodown for Android, switch between mobile internet and Wi-Fi network. If the problem persists, please report to the team.

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User Reviews

This is my favorite site to download Android APK files, because Google Play is not available in my country. The apps are all free. I just like trying new apps and Uptodwon really does a good job to offer good games.-- Jacob
Snapchat is not available in my country, but I can still get it from Uptodown without limitations. -- Nick
The platform is good just for Android and PC software. However, I can find few apps for iPhone and Mac. This is where I don't like Uptodown much.-- Laura